Techie turned into edible oil Extraction :SAPTHAM OIL - Name of Purity

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A multifaceted personality, Dons many hats: Founder CEO of Saptham Food and Beverages Pvt ltd, Director of Proxiom Technologies, Consultative committee member of FCI, Founder of Iyer Talkies. Prior to being the Entrepreneur that he is now, he has worked in the IT industry as Director head for SE Asia for Nielsen company, Has also worked in Accenture as IT Lead, CAPCO as Associate Director, and Capgemini as Program manager and in various managerial capacities. He also has many certifications under his belt.

After being in the IT Industry for nearly 20 years, the curiosity and the passion to do something good for society led him to do extensive research in the field of edible oil extraction. Though being a Bachelor Science (BS) graduate from Bangalore University, in Electronics, he always had a passion for agriculture, which came from his Father- MR Nagaraj S K, who was Agro Entrepreneur himself.

The thought adulteration in the oil industry occurred to him when his wife asked him to get packets of oil from India to Australia where he was working as an IT person, this led to an extensive research from him resulted in a shocking revelation about the use of mineral oil used in the extraction of edible oil. The thought of adulteration of food items led him to do an extensive research, which led him to the discovery about the invasion of Palm oil from Malaysia in the year 1990s led the decline of oil production by traditional methods of extraction of oils through age-old method of wood pressed oil, through Gana as it is traditionally known. Through his research, he came to know that the wood pressed machines are the best for extraction of oil, so he along with his team designed machines suitable to extract oil. With the result of his research and passion for doing something new and useful he left his job in Australia and Malaysia and returned to India and in the year 2014 registered Statham. Throughout this journey, his wife and family supported him in his passion. He wanted to start an oil extraction factory on par with the modern oil companies with the age-old clean method of oil extraction. Throughout his IT career, he was always interested in Agriculture, which came to him from his father, he had purchased 1 acre of land which in the meantime has become 50 acres. He is passionate about the condition of farmers who follow the organic method of farming and realizes that this method does not result in maximum yield which has led to a gradual decline in the traditional method of agriculture and farmers and as well those extracting the oil abandoning the age-old method, this, in turn, led to the import of oil from other countries leading to the adulteration of oil.

He feels that persons who are working in the food industry must be made accountable for the ingredients used, method of extraction and all these should be made available to the public, by mentioning on the company website, as it is in the case of the RTI. He also feels that there should be food gradation as well. He feels the modern-day food consumption has led to medicine being the food rather then food is the medicine. He feels strongly about Adulteration in the food industry, which he feels is a crime to society. Many diseases like diabetes, cancer, hypertension are due to the adulteration of food items and so he feels that four pillars of society i.e the administrative leg, Legislative leg, Judiciary and the media should work in a responsible manner to eradicate the menace of adulteration in food industry for the betterment of society.

With the aim and goal of giving clean and healthy oil to the public he has started Saptham, which uses the age-old traditional method of extracting oil in a modern way, they not only manufacture it in a healthy way but also pay attention to procure the best seeds and nuts and cleaned before making oil. He strongly feels about the transparency they follow in the process of manufacturing, they have installed glass walls in the factory for the public to view the various process of oil making. He also encourages people to have the first-hand experience in this matter.

Mr. Manohar apart from setting up Saptham gives free guidance in setting up and running the oil-making industry, which he feels is needed in large numbers as the demand for organic wood pressed oil is in great demand. With the increase in the oil machines, the production will also increase as it is needed thereby profiting the farmers in return. This in turn will lead to a decrease in the MRP of the product which will be reachable to the public in general.

He has a piece of advice for those who are willing to start new oil mills, he advises them to think well before doing so as it requires 40 to 50 lakhs investment and also it requires a passion for being an industry.

Apart from being the Entrepreneur that he is, he is also a visionary with a vision for future India and in this regard had contested in the Loksabha elections of 2019. India needs many leaders like him to take this country forward.

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