The Best Bakery Machinery: Technoheat Ovens & Furnaces (P) Ltd

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Opening a successful bakery requires making an investment in high-quality baking equipment that will help you complete your food preparation, baking, and serving tasks. Whether you are selling traditional-quality artisan breads, beautifully decorated cakes, or tasty pastries for a quick snack or to-go dessert, having the right kitchen equipment will go a long way in increasing the productivity, efficiency, and bottom line of your bakery.


Technoheat Ovens & Furnaces (P) Ltd. was established in the year 1987 under the able guidance of Mr. Thomas Joseph. Since its inception, it has dedicated itself to provide Bakery & Allied Equipment's keeping in mind the demand for the product in the market. Though started on a small scale basis, it has mastered the skills of the trade by diligent efforts.


It has left no stone unturned to apprise itself about the intricacies of the trade. It has provided quality equipment to its customers and earned their trust. Gradually on the edifice of quality product and timely service the company has built its reputation. The company has expanded across the length and breadth of South India and it has technical assisting unit spread throughout Chennai, Hubli, Mysore, Kollam, Earnakulam, Trichy, Calicut, Hyderabad & Sholapur, Trivandrum, Tirupur, Pondicherry, Nagarkoil.


They have very good infrastructure, production capabilities, service back up, technical expertise. They have 150 working staff, other than the office executives working in two units in the Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore itself.


Bakery Machineries are used to prepare yummy products instantly. With the assistance of cutting edge technology and engineering expertise, they offer an extensive range of Bakery Machineries.


Artisan breads, such as baguettes, ciabatta, and sourdough bread, are best made in Deck Ovens, which are designed primarily for them. Deck ovens are so named because they have a deck that is usually made of stone or ceramic where the food items are placed. Most deck ovens can have multiple decks, allowing you to bake more items without taking up too much floor space.Deck ovens use two heating methods. The first is conductive heat, which is transferred directly from the deck to the dough. The second is radiant heat, which comes from the hot air in the baking chamber and penetrates the dough to cook it further.

Bakeries producing high volumes of breads, bagels, and pastries use a Rack Oven, or a revolving oven, which bakes food by revolving them around a central shaft above a heating element typically situated at the bottom of the baking chamber.  A rack oven has several shelves, around 8 to 12, that are typically made of metal or stone where you can load your items. These shelves are connected to a central horizontal shaft. An external motor spins the shaft, which, in turn, moves the shelves around, like a Ferris wheel. The revolving motion of the shelves creates uniform baking.


Rack ovens have very high outputs but do require plenty of floor space in your kitchen. Since the first mechanical oven was invented in the 19th century, rack ovens have evolved to incorporate modern features that enhance the baking process, such as self-generating steam systems and adjustable heating elements. Some models even have convection systems that circulate pre-heated air into the cavity to further create even baking.


Convection ovens have fans that circulate pre-heated air around the baking chamber. This creates uniform heat distribution that eliminates cold or hot spots. Food comes out cooked evenly in a convection oven. The inclusion of hot air circulating around the cavity also speeds up the cooking time by as much as 30%.  The rapid cooking times, however, can be a drawback if you’re baking items that need time to rise. If the outside of a cake is cooked faster than it is done rising, the cake could come up with a bumpy, uneven texture on the inside.


Commercial Mixer

Commercial mixers are a must-have for bakeries. You will need at least one heavy-duty planetary mixer to prepare a multitude of food items, from glossy icings and fluffy frostings to cake batters, cookie doughs, and bread doughs.Planetary mixers have a shaft to which an agitator is attached. The agitator rotates around a fixed mixing bowl, similar to how the planets rotate around the sun, giving this piece of equipment its name.


The versatility of planetary mixers lies in the various agitators that you can attach to the shaft. Most models come with three basic attachments:

  • Whisk – for light mixtures like whipped creams, frostings, and meringue
  • Beater – for medium mixtures like cake batters and cookie dough
  • Dough Hook – for heavy mixtures like bread and pizza dough

Many planetary mixers have a power takeoff hub that can be used to attach other food preparation accessories, such as a meat grinder or vegetable shredder for making stuffed bread rolls. 

Technoheat Ovens and Furnaces Pvt Ltd is a renowned manufactures of food processing machinery in India. From last two and half decade they have been one of the top named manufacturers for Food Processing Machinery. These machines are converting the raw food grains to food or another form of food ingredients which are ready to be used by the final consumers.