The Power of Dreams: Murali Krishna's Visionary Venture in Power Distribution

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In the hushed corridors of Siddaganga Institute of Technology, nestled amidst the serenity of Tumkur, Karnataka, there resided a young man whose eyes sparkled with a fervent zeal. Mr. B. Murali Krishna, then a student immersed in the realm of Electrical Engineering, carried dreams of entrepreneurship that blazed more brilliantly than the most radiant filament within one of his power distribution transformers. It was the early 1990s, an era marked by a global technological revolution. Yet for Murali, the sparks of innovation sprang forth from his own hands, igniting his path with unyielding ambition.

As a third-year student, while his peers grappled with the complexities of textbooks and theoretical knowledge, Murali Krishna ventured into the realm of practical application. He conceptualized, designed, and breathed life into a power distribution transformer, an embodiment of his unwavering determination and ingenious vision.

Murali Krishna, hailing from the humble town of Lakshmeshwara, Gadag district, had his primary education in the charming environs of Hubli. Within his loving family, he stood as the third son of his parents, H. Bheemaiah and Padmalakshmi.

The year 1995 marked his graduation, and Murali embarked on a voyage into the professional world, armed with the knowledge he had acquired within the hallowed halls of academia. For the ensuing five years, he delved deep into the heart of the electrical industry, working for various distinguished companies. These years were more than a mere livelihood; they represented an apprenticeship in the intricate art of power distribution. Here, he imbibed the nuances of production, the subtleties of distribution, and the complexities of procurement in this electrifying domain.

In the year 2000, he took the audacious leap into uncharted waters, establishing his own venture in the vibrant city of Bangalore - Vignesh Vidhyuth Controls. His fledgling company, driven by Murali's unwavering vision and guided by his hard-earned expertise, commenced its ascent within the industry. The spark of innovation that once flickered within the college corridors had now transformed into a fervent entrepreneurial flame, illuminating the path ahead.

Murali humbly acknowledges, "This remarkable ascent was made possible by the unwavering blessings and support of my parents, the wisdom imparted by my teachers, and the enduring camaraderie of true friends."

Today, Vignesh Vidhyuth Controls stands as a towering figure in the industry, a testament to Murali Krishna's relentless pursuit of excellence. Throughout this enduring journey, the company has been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying thousands of distribution transformers throughout the state, establishing its reputation as a dependable and innovative industry leader. The voyage from a visionary student to a celebrated entrepreneur was not without its share of challenges. It was marked by countless sleepless nights, daunting decisions, and unwavering perseverance. But through it all, Murali remained unswayed, firmly believing that entrepreneurship was not only a journey to personal success but also a pathway to nation-building.

Murali Krishna, a true visionary, ardently believes in encouraging the nation's youth to embrace entrepreneurship as a means to contribute to the growth and development of the country. He is acutely aware that countless young minds are often lost amidst the clamor of campus recruitment drives, their untapped potential yearning to be unleashed. "They should think innovatively and endeavor to establish something," he passionately implores. In embarking on this entrepreneurial journey, he underscores the importance of self-assurance and unrelenting willpower.

Murali's legacy extends beyond his professional achievements. He proudly holds an NCC C certificate, a testament to his dedication to discipline and leadership. He is an ardent marathon runner who has conquered the formidable 42.5-kilometer race twice, serving as a symbol of his dedication to inspiring the younger generation to pursue their dreams.

Furthermore, he actively engages with various industry organizations, offering his expertise and vision to institutions such as FKCCI, KASSIA, and PIA. In acknowledgment of his outstanding contributions, he served as the President of PIA from 2021 to 2022.

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