Vinayak Sindhur: Constructing Creatively Each Stage

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“Your Imagination is a weapon of mass construction. Use it.” - Unknown

Vinayak S Sindhur is a man of ambition and perseverance whose interest in the world of construction was solidified by his third year of college as he completed additional courses related to it, like a Diploma in Architecture, and worked at various sites. He graduated from SJIT College of Engineering by 2019 with a developed business acumen and solidified experience, and he took a professional gap to complete his M.Tech in Structural Engineering by 2021.

From there, he established Shri Daneshwari Constructions in Ranebennur, a beautiful town in Karnataka’s Haveri district. The initial days posed as difficult times due to the lack of availability of clients, however Vinayak overcame it with determination by putting the best for his clients. Under his vision and guidance, Shri Daneshwari Constructions was able to bag 9 projects by then, and its reputation spread far and wide. It soon began pursuing and completing residential projects as a company that offered ‘A-Z services’ within the construction field.

“A building gets demolished every 40-50 years. Designs change every decade or two. Every man needs a house, as it is an essential to survive and eventually thrive. The construction industry shall be on an ever-booming period, and contributors like us shall make it better.” – Vinayak Sindhur

The client approaches Shri Daneshwari Constructions, where discussions are held with a 2D/3D building planning that displays each aspect of the desired building.  Once the site and its compatibility with the proposed design is matched and analysed, the required changes are discussed before arriving at a proper conclusion. It also provides interior designing and structural engineering services, which have bought out unique color combinations and designs rarely seen anywhere.

Within the next two years, Vinayak Sindhur was able to complete 35-40 projects in his young but stellar career as the proprietor of Shri Daneshwari Constructions, and was able to scale up its business. He expanded its services, going from only residential projects to eventually taking on commercial projects, such as resorts and marriage halls. It has even completed numerous luxury apartments with his outstanding vision and niche yet unique taste in the right colours and atmosphere.

Shri Daneshwari Constructions stays ahead in its field, especially with its mastery of constructing residental apartments, as the team have perfected the art of planning each project according to the economical and natural factors of the area. The construction sector has taken note of Vinayak’s numerous accomplishments, with him even almost receiving the UltraTech award for his work, however inconveniences prevented its completion, making him narrowly lose the award. However, Vinayak stays as a resilient spirit, and has overcome his shortcomings to hopefully win the UltraTech Award this year.

Vinayak Sindhur has also been running a real estate business to help his clientele base search for the perfect residence to have the prefect beginning to a new life. Currently, he is working on developing the structural engineering department to an upgraded level with plans to initiate construction of apartments under his company within the upcoming years. Shri Daneshwari Constructions have over 12 ongoing projects and have over 25 upcoming projects. We at Icons of Indian Business wish him the best in his future endeavors and hope he succeeds in each stage.

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